CryENGINE 3 rc.exeHelp


Usage: RC filespec /p= [/Key1=Value1] [/Key2=Value2] etc…
RC /help // will list all usable keys with description
RC /help >file.txt // output help text to file.txt

Usage: RC filespec /p= [/Key1=Value1] [/Key2=Value2] etc…

File to use instead of the default animation settings file

[TIF] 0/1=automatic adjusting to reasonable settings

[TIF] 0/1=auto optimize for this file, 1(default)

[TIF] depending on some rules defined in C++ (e.g. path) the preset may
be overwritten
this is mostly used to support legacy assets 0=off, 1=on (def


[TIF] 0 .. 10.0

[SRF] name of bumpmap image to apply during SRF processing (.tif)


[TIF] -1000.0 .. 1000.0


[TIF] 0=none, 1=Gauss, 2=GaussAlpha

Path to file. Required for caf-processing

Check for CBA-update only. Do not recompile CAF-s when CBA is up to date

When sending mail this address will be added to CC, semicolon separates
multiple addresses

should be used with report mode.
Compare locomotion_locator motion with recalculated root motion

When targetroot switch specified will clean up this folder after rc runs
, to delete all files that where not processed

[TIF] 1=enables cubemap TIF processing(TIF needs to have 6:1 aspect), 0
– default

[TIF] cubemap edge fix-up width, 0 – disabled

[TIF] base filter angle for cubemap filtering(degrees), 0 – disabled

[TIF] initial mip filter angle for cubemap filtering(degrees), 0 – disab

[TIF] mip filter angle multiplier for cubemap filtering, 1 – default

[TIF] cubemap angular filter type: gaussian, cone, cosine, disc

[TIF] extract color chart from image, 0=off (default), 1=on (3d lut)

[TIF] 0=rgb (default), 1=cie

copy source files to target root without processing

[DAE] 0=don’t create .mtl files (default), 1=create .mtl files

Path to an xml file (usually dbas.xml) which contains animations-to-DBA

[CBA] show per-bone compression values during CAF-compression

[CGF] dump contents of source .cgf file instead of compiling it

[CGF] validate source .cgf file instead of compiling it

[TIF] 0/1=use special border clamp behavior on alpha test, 0(default)

Use it to specify a file with dependencies to be written.
Each line in the file will contain an input filename
and an output filename for every file written by RC.

destination folder for the results

[TIF] if R=G=B and no alpha then use L8 (luminance)

[TIF] 0/1=discard alpha in input image

[SRF] output displacement map 0=off/1=on

[DDS] don’t split the file for streaming layout

[TIF] 1=renormalize color range of the image and store original color bo
und in the dds header

[TIF] export dxt5 instead of 3Dc (useful for PS3)

List of file exclusions for the command, separated by semicolon, may con
tain wildcard characters

Specify a file which contains a list of files to be excluded from comman
d input

[SRF] size of the border expand

ignore or copy caf files

ignore or copy animations batch processing file

ignore or copy cga files

ignore or copy cgf files

ignore or copy chr files

ignore or copy chunk files

ignore or copy dae files

[TIF] ignore or copy dds files

ignore or copy lua files

ignore or copy pak files

[SRF] ignore srf files

[TIF] ignore or copy tif files

ignore or copy xml files

ignore or copy zip files

return error code if warnings are encountered

animation file for processing

to specify number of files converted by one process in one step
default is 100. this option is unused if /processes is 0.

Put source files into this specified folder inside of zip file (see ‘zip
‘ command

[TIF] default blur is is 2 (->4×4 kernel)

[TIF] [0..[ to remove the top mipmap levels

lists all usable keys of the ResourceCompiler with description

[TIF] 0=off, >0=defines which mip level is subtracted when applying the
[cheap] high pass filter – this prepares assets to
allow this in the shader

[TIF] NvDxt=NVIDIA DXT library (default),
NvTT=NVIDIA Texture Tools with CUDA support

Process a job xml file

Run only a job with specific name instead of whole job-file. Used only w
ith /job option

Specify List file, List file can contain file lists from zip files like:

Specify format of the file name read from the list file. You may use spe
cial strings:
{0} the file name from the file list,
{1} text matching first wildcard from the input file mask,
{2} text matching second wildcard from the input file mask,
and so on.
Also, you can use multiple format strings, separated by semicolons.
In this case multiple filenames will be generated, one for
each format string.

to suppress generating log file rc_log.log

prepends this prefix to every log file name used (by default the prefix
is the rc.exe’s folder).

[TIF] 1=compute luminance by using RGB values and put it into alpha chan

[TIF] compact version of M0,M1,…

**OBSOLETE** [TIF] adjust mipalpha, 0..50=normal..100

**OBSOLETE** [TIF] adjust mipalpha, 0..50=normal..100

**OBSOLETE** [TIF] adjust mipalpha, 0..50=normal..100

**OBSOLETE** [TIF] adjust mipalpha, 0..50=normal..100

**OBSOLETE** [TIF] adjust mipalpha, 0..50=normal..100

**OBSOLETE** [TIF] adjust mipalpha, 0..50=normal..100

0=off 1=on When enabled sends an email to the user who checked in asset
that failed validation

SMTP Mail server used when RC needs to send an e-mail

[CHR] Maximum bones in a batch (default is 50)

[TIF] limit sizes of produces textures.
0 – no size limit (default);
n – resulting texture will be downscaled (2x, 4x, …) if its
width and/or height are bigger than the size specified.
n should be a power-of-2 number bigger than 1, for
example: 256, 512, 2014, 2048, 4096.

[TIF] maintain alpha coverage in mipmaps (experimental)

[TIF] 0..255 to limit alpha value, (can prevent NAN in shader)

[TIF] if set, all mip borders during the mipmap
generation become this hex value AARRGGBB

[TIF] 0=use default filter, 1=use 2×2 filter

[TIF] 0/1

[TIF] 0/1=use for normalmaps

[TIF] 0=no sharpening .. 100=full sharpening

When creating Pak File outputs target filename as the CRC32 code without
the extension

[TIF] supress output

[SRF] normal vector format format, can be ‘R8G8B8’ or ‘R8G8’

[SRF] output accessibility 0=off/1=on

[SRF] output combo map (high poly materials encoded as colors)

[SRF] output horizon map 0=off/1=on

[SRF] output unoccluded area direction 0=off/1=on

[TIF] output uncompressed files instead of DXTx compressed files

ignore existing file extension and use specified convertor

use the filename for output file (folder part is not affected)

to specify platform (for supported names see [_platform] sections in rc.

Input filelist is given in the Perforce file format

Perforce username to use. Default to current system username

Perforce workspace to use. Enables output of source control information
for failed files

[TIF] e.g. 3DC, DXT1, X8R8G8B8

[TIF] 1=texture needs to be power of 2 in width and height, 0 otherwise

[TIF] e.g. “NormalmapHigh” to override preset used during processing

[TIF] format for the preview panel to be displayed in. If ‘previewformat
‘ doesn’t exist in the preset, then ‘pixelformat’ will be used

[TIF] preview destination image with size of source image, 0=off, 1=on (

spawn multiple processes. syntax is /processes=.
is an arithmetical expression consisting of numbers,
‘cores’, ‘processors’, ‘+’ and ‘-‘. ‘cores’ is the number of CPU
cores; ‘processors’ is the number of logical processors.
example: /processes=cores-1
default is 0 – don’t spawn processes.

[CHR] Output skinned mesh data in PS3 format (default is false)

0=use vectors to represent tangent space(default), 1=use quaternions

to suppress all printouts

[CGF,CHR] Realign chunks in output files (alignment is 4)

traverse input directory with sub folders

[TIF] 0=no /1=half resolution /2=quarter resolution, etc

force recompilation of resources with up to date timestamp

report mode

[TIF] 1=enables compression pass of HDR images to RGBK format, 0-default

[TIF] e.g. “Diffuse_HighQ” to save preset into source TIF file

[TIF] replace CryTIFF settings stored in the TIF file(s) by specified st

[TIF] 0/1=supress reduce resolution during loading, 0(default)

[TIF] print CryTIFF settings stored in the TIF file(s)

skip build dba

do not produce warnings about missing input files

only copy or zip a source file if its size is less or equal than the siz
e specified. used with ‘copyonly’ and ‘zip’ commands.

list of source folders separated by semicolon

[SRF] 3d the vectors are transformed to, can be ‘tangent’ or ‘object’

split a list file into multiple zip files

[CGF] Auto split LODs into the separate files

[TIF] 1=set SRGBLookup flag in the DDS header, 0 is default
unprocessed DDS have this off (linear)

log statistics to rc_stats_* files

[TIF] Split final output files for streaming

[CGF] Strip mesh chunks from output files

[CHR] Don’t write the non PS3 edge streams (default is false)

[TIF] 0=off, 1=PS3 like pre-swizzled textures

to define the destination folder. note: this folder and its subtrees wil
l be excluded from the source files scanning process

use multiple threads. syntax is /threads=.
is an arithmetical expression consisting of numbers,
‘cores’, ‘processors’, ‘+’ and ‘-‘. ‘cores’ is the number of CPU
cores; ‘processors’ is the number of logical processors.
example: /threads=cores+2

[SRF/TIF] 0/1 to show the userdialog for the ResourceCompilerImage

When specified RC is running in a resource validation mode

to produce detailed printouts

shows version and exits

[CGF] Format of mesh vertex positions:
f32 = 32-bit floating point (default)
f16 = 16-bit floating point

wait for key after running the application

pause and display message box in case of warning or error

specify file with special commands to filter out unneeded XML elements a
nd attributes

Compress source files into the zip file specified with this parameter

Alignment of files inside zip. Default is 1 byte.

Specify compression level for zipped files. [0-9] 0=no compression, 9=ma
x compression. Default is 6.

Encrypts headers of zip files. Disabled by default.

Encrypts files inside of zip. Works only when zip_encrypt enabled. Disab
led by default.

Specifies a 128-bit key in hexadecimal format: 32-character string. Low
endian format.

Maximum compressed size of the zip in KBs

Forces creation of new zip file overwriting existing one

Define sorting type when adding files to the pak, currently supported :
nosort, size, streaming, alphabetically. Alphabetically is default.