「Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018」の内容解説

ダウンロード販売サイト「Humble Bundle」で2018年05月02日~2018年05月16日(日本時間)の2週間「支払いたい分だけ支払う」方式で販売されていた。

Humble Bundle」は販売で得られた収益をゲーム制作者だけでなく複数のチャリティー団体に寄付も出来る販売サイトです。


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CRYENGINE me a river. And a sun, and some trees, and maybe a dinosaur (everyone likes dinosaurs). You can do it all with the game-making resources in this bundle! Find setups, source files, training videos, project assets, and more. Plus, get inspired by games made using CRYENGINE, including Ryse: Son of Rome, Miscreated, and Aporia: Beyond The Valley.

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Rolling Sun

リリース日: 2015年6月3日

Aporia: Beyond The Valley

リリース日: 2017年7月20日
CRYENGINE Indie Game of 2017 優勝の一人称パズルゲーム

The Land of Pain

リリース日: 2017年9月14日



The CRYENGINE Samples package contains many of the default setups and source files that make up the GameSDK project. You are provided with numerous workflows which you can reverse engineer, including geometry and animations, for a fully dynamic world. A couple of topics are covered that only exist within this pack, including:

●Gameplay Scripting
The Gameplay Scripting series allows you to dive into the GameSDK logic and begin to connect entities within your scene. Some of the topics covered are required for all games, which include the ability to spawn the player at the start of a game, teleportation of players and entities dynamically, or writing variables to disk for retrieval on other game startups. We look forward to seeing users connect these basic concepts to create diverse gameplay within their own developments. Included:

  • 7 Video Chapters
  • GameTokens and Variables
  • Entity Communication
  • Opening Locked Doors
  • Teleportation
  • Writing to Disk

●Create your own vehicle
One of the most interesting aspects of CRYENGINE is the ability to create vehicles with a varied range of functionality in your project. Vehicles are fully explained in this series and you will learn how to not only setup your CGA (car mesh) outside of the engine, but also learn what the XML script that defines behaviors is comprised of. Included:

  • 5 Video Chapters
  • Hummer Source File
  • Tank Source File
  • Helicopter Source File

CRYENGINE Webinar Training Videos


These CRYENGINE Training videos cover a wide variety of topics including Entity Components, the Dynamic Response System, and the UI solution known as Scaleform that allows for UI in both VR and non-VR content. By default, all concepts presented in the videos can exist without using the GameSDK project. The topics are varied, but cover a full production-pipeline that can have Entities broadcasting their state in the level and the Dynamic Response System driving the decision-making on the highest of levels. Just think about how you can then broadcast these decisions or conversations through the UI implementation to complete the entire process of interactivity to decisions, and then broadcasting to the UI. We look forward to seeing this educational material helping developers execute new game mechanics inside CRYENGINE. Included:

Entity Components
Entity Components are the heart of your gameplay and this course shows you how to not only use them in the Editor but also reflect the component type directly inside of C++. Various topics are covered that show how to receive events and override existing functions from within the IEntityComponent interface. Finally, we expose different variables to the Sandbox UI in order to dynamically change our components for the best user experience.

Dynamic Response System
DRS, as it is most often called, is covered in this course showing how to execute various events through dialogue and overall gameplay. The DRS system is a tool that taps into all other systems to allow the developer to nest complex dialogue and story within their games in an interface that consolidates all the connected data. You can pass events externally, or even nest in the dialogue directly inside of the DRS tool itself, and see the execution order of your events in real-time.

Scaleform UI
In the Scaleform training video we cover numerous topics that allow you to access functionality that will open the doors to menus and the topic of dynamic text for HUDs. The lesson starts off by discussing how to setup and expose the most basic UI elements in the Editor. Then we cover how we can expose variables to the UI through dynamic text. Finally, we look at a simple button interaction to begin toggling a light on and off within the scene, showing how click events correspond to console variables changing, or entity behavior directly inside of your level.

Crysis Animation Pack


NOTE: This is not the full game. This is a collection of assets for use in CRYENGINE.

Collection of animations taken from the acclaimed Crysis series. Animations are for use in CRYENGINE.

The source files provided make up many of the base animations used within the GameSDK and allows users to use FBX files with exact retargeting and skinning of numerous setups for enhanced modding. The FBX animations allow you to compose or layer any of your animations in the external 3D modeling app of your choice to create carbon-copies of Crysis movement and first person styling. Included in the animation pack is the following:

  • 300+ FBX animation Files
  • Ladders
  • Smart Objects
  • Locomotion
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons


Miscreated (Early Access)

リリース日: 2014年10月30日
2014年10月から早期アクセスのオンライン専用 オープンワールド ゾンビサバイバルゲーム。2018年の今でもアップデートは月に1、2回あるので完成するかもしれない。

SNOW – Pro Pack DLC

リリース日: 2018年1月5日
「SNOW」はオープンワールドのスノーボードやスキーを楽しむウィンタースポーツ・ゲーム (無料)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2



リリース日: 2018年1月31日

Ryse: Son of Rome

リリース日: 2014年10月10日
日本ではXbox OneのローンチタイトルとしてMicrosoftから発売されたアクションゲーム。

Underwater Demo Level


NOTE: This is not the full game. This is a collection of assets for use in CRYENGINE.

With the Underwater Demo you can begin to explore several setups and discover exactly how the scenes were assembled in the engine for use in your own projects. Numerous scenes allow you to traverse the world and allows for the player to exist inside a fish tank to play smaller parlor-type games. In the pack you have numerous wrecked ships to dress the bottom of the ocean floor with, alongside various types of coral and plants to bring the scene to life. Miniature submarines have been included to get gameplay up and running quickly. You could use a sub to explore the seabed and search for treasure or wreckage, and drive gameplay, for instance, through collectables or a timed course. This project is a good foundation for anyone looking for gameplay housed around the theme of Atlantis or a deep sea diving game. Included:

  • 200+ Assets
  • Buildings
  • Coral
  • Kelp
  • Submarines
  • Sunken Ships

Sample scene

  • Flow Graph Movement
  • Timer UI
  • Checkpoints

Robinson: The Journey Asset Pack

VRの現実感を生かすSFアドベンチャーゲーム Robinson: The Journey のAssetパック。ゲームは付いて無い。代わりに、50%クーポンがボーナスとして付いてくるのでクーポン使ってHumble Bundle Storeで買う。ケチ

NOTE: This is not the full game. This is a collection of assets for use in CRYENGINE.

Robinson: The Journey took players on a VR sci-fi adventure where they came face to face with dinosaurs after their spaceship crashed on a mysterious planet. Now you can use numerous props and items from the game to kit-bash into your own scenes. In addition to the props we are supplying, various vegetation assets and one large tree from the game showcase the vegetation CRYENGINE is famed for. On top of this we have also included the Pterodactyl animated mesh for you to play around with and animate. Included:

  • Robinson Hero Tree
  • Pterodactyl
  • 15+ Vegetation Assets
  • 20+ Junk and Background Assets
  • 3 Large Background Assets
  • 15+ Assorted Props (Power Supply, Telescope, Tree House)

Ryse Egypt Asset Pack

Ryse: Son of Romeの建物Assetパック

NOTE: This is not the full game. This is a collection of assets for use in CRYENGINE.

Features a collection of assets from Ryse: Son of Rome, for use in CRYENGINE projects.

One of the most diverse settings in the Ryse ecosystem is the coliseum where players can become a gladiator that fights in a truly dynamic world and setting. The Egyptian themed gladiator items provide large and small-scale elements for dressing your own Egyptian setting with statues and hieroglyphics set next to giant modular pyramids. Included:

  • Pyramids
  • Statues
  • Houses
  • Pillars
  • Obelisks
  • Temples


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

リリース日: 2017年4月25日

Homefront: The Revolution

リリース日: 2016年5月20日
北朝鮮にアメリカを占領され解放せんとするレジスタンス達と北朝鮮の軍隊のKPAの戦い。制作は「Saints Row」シリーズなどで知られるDeep Silver

Deceit Asset Pack

Deceit のAssetパック。ゲームは無料、Asset有料。

NOTE: This is not the full game. This is a collection of assets for use in CRYENGINE.

Deceit is a game that tests your instincts for trust and deception in the multiplayer first-person shooter from Automaton based around an asylum. The assets and source content provide you with everything you need to kit-bash your own scenes. Within this asset pack is all of the source content for each item, providing the ultimate in customization of props for your own project. The source content is provided in 3ds Max (.max) file format along with .tif files for asset texturing. This is a comprehensive and diverse pack which offers you a huge range of high quality assets to enjoy. Included:

●Atrium and Skylight
●Bathroom Props
●Numerous Doors and Doorframes

Cell Doors
Metal Gates
Exterior Door
Escape Hatch

●Forest External Assets
Underground Paths
Drainage Pipes
Doors and Handrails

●Modular Arctic Kit
Snow Mounds (6x)

●Modular Antenna Kit
Satellite Dishes
Antenna Towers
Radar Ball

●Lab Props
Cables and Desks
Fridges and Spinners

●Graffiti Pack (30+)
Street Art
Chalk Drawings

The Climb Asset Pack

Oculus Rift専用のクライミングゲーム『The Climb』のAssetパック

NOTE: This is not the full game. This is a collection of assets for use in CRYENGINE.

Achieved with CRYENGINE, The Climb lets you scale new heights in VR and was the breakout hit on the Oculus store. We’re delighted to provide source content from the shipped game so you can kit-bash out your own levels. Assets range from beautiful waterfalls that graced scenes in the game to animals that were dressed into the background to bring levels alive. The waterfalls included are a special setup that caught the attention of our developers when The Climb released. You can now see how to effectively tile and oscillate materials to provide realistic rolling rapids within your own scenes. When diving into the pack, we hope you can quickly tell that you have assets of all shapes and sizes to produce the exact level you desire. Included:

  • Hot Air Balloons
  • 20+ Stylized Rocks
  • 10 Foliage Assets
  • Overhanging Vegetation
  • Waterfall and River Kit
  • Assorted Distance Mountains (4 types)
  • Helicopters
  • Bridges and Distance Buildings
  • 5+ Animal Characters w/ animations

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
Homefront: The Revolution
Ryse: Son of Rome
を少しプレイしてみました。Sniper Ghost Warrior 3とHomefront: The RevolutionはプレイヤーのAnimationがCrysisに似ていました。似ているというよりそのままかも。悪く言うとCrysis3の良くできた大規模MOD


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